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Here we have gathered a chronicle of reviews and critiques of our activities over the years. If you have written about us but do not find your article in this list, please contact us to be added.

A Conversation with Corina L. Apostol – ArtLeaks, R-Set.Tools for Cultural Workers, July 2016

SISSEL M. BERGH, Mulighetene i ytterkanten, ArtScene Trondheim, October 2015

Corina L. Apostol interviewed by Monica Holmen for Kunstforum Oslo, September 2015

Janine Eisenächer, ArtLeaks – zwischen transnationalistischer Organisationsform und Handeln im lokalen Kontext, IGBILDENDEKUNST, July 2015

Resource | Art Workers: Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice, Sculpture Magazine, June 2015

Corina Apostol, Dmitry Vilensky, ArtLeaks: From Intervention to Infrastructure, Frakcija Magazine #68/69, Vesna Vukovic, Una Bauer, eds., December 2014, republished on Eurozine, February 2015

Johanna diBlasi, Problembarometer, Kunstzeitung, July 2014

Inteview with Daria Ghiu for Turn On Art, “ArtLeaks: We’re all fed up with artists not being paid worldwide,” December 2013

Artleaks: Kunstverdens Wikileaks, Have: Backstage, November 2013

Kirstine Bruun, Nye whistleblowers kan begynde her,, November 2013

Rena Raedle, tr., ArtLeaks – Nicht-Ausstellung versus Selbstorganisation: The Belgrade ArtLeaks report (August 2012), Kunststadt Stadtkunst Nr. 60, pages 30-31, May 2013

„Artleaks“ siekia atskleisti bjauriąją meno pusę,ŪRA, February 2013

Helen Whittle, Artleaks exposes the culture scene’s ugly truths, Deutsche Welle, January 2013

Bob Duggan, Can Artleaks Be the Wikileaks of the Art World?, Big Think, October 2012

Nataša Bodrožić interview with ArtLeaks, Ve.Schheft, October 2012; reposted on Loose Associations/ Slobodne Veze, 2012

Federico Geller, Graphic Notes from the First ArtLeaks Working Assembly (Berlin, June 2012), Truth is Concrete Reader, September 2012

Jillian Steinhauer, ArtLeaks Plans Gazette to Talk About Art-World Corruption, Hyperallergic, September 2012

Anette Schlemmel, ArtLeaks – eine virtuelle Utopie  für prekäre KulturarbeiterInnen, Earnest & Algernon – ein Kulturmagazin für die Wirtschaft, July 2012; re-printed in IDEA Arts + Society, No. 41, 2012, ArtLeaks: A Virtual Utopia for Precarious Cultural Workers

Occupy Museums, Report Back: Art Leaks Assemblies, June 2012

Evelyn Runge, Wo bitte bleibt mein Honorar?, Die Zeit, September 2011

Ресурс нарушенных прав, ArtChronika, September 2011

Diego Ramaella, ArtLeaks, ovvero quando l’arte si ribella…a se stessa!, Tafter, September 2011

Kevin Flanagan, ArtLeaks, P2P Foundation, September 2011

Nicola, The Right to Art, Impakt, September 2011

Letters to Spock, ArtLeaks – Defending Artists, September 2011

Translados, ArtLeaks Platform Begins to Operate, Translados, September 2011

Valentina Tanni, Tremate, è arrivato ArtLeaks, il WikiLeaks dell’arte contemporanea. In un sito web le denunce di artisti, curatori e intellettuali, Art Tribune, September 2011

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