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ArtLeaks Gazette No. 2 (An)Other Art World(s)? Imagination Beyond Fiction – Launch and public discussions

June 23, 2014

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ArtLeaks Gazette No. 2  – Public Launch and Discussions

While in our previous issue we sought to bring awareness of the challenges and obstacles of the contemporary art system as a initial, necessary first step in enacting meaningful transformations, with this gazette we aim to move beyond exposure and breaking the silence, towards ways of engagement – or what does it mean to be agents of change in the art world today? What are the conditions and possibilities of alternative art worlds? How can we engage and use our imagination, avoiding, at the same time, the traps of utopian thinking?

We will be presenting our new issue  “(An)Other Art World(s)? Imagination Beyond Fiction” and would like to invite you to attend the events below. Some of the gazette’s editors and authors, together with other artists, activists and theorists will facilitate the discussions. Free entrance.


Saturday, June 28th, 16:00

Oldschool Bar

Naberezhnaya Admiralteiskogo Kanala, No. 27

St. Petersburg, Russia

Directions here.

Corina L. Apostol and Andrey Shental will lead the discussions, part of the Public Program of the School of Engaged Art “Chto Delat.” 

For more details join the event on fb: 

The School of Engaged Art for Russian artists was initiated in 2013 by the collective Chto Delat, with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. It freely offers courses on art theory, philosophy, aesthetics and visual culture, choreography and critical writing in the current Russian context, where basic democratic freedoms are under threat, there is no support for an independent, critical culture, and hardly any academic programs in contemporary art. The school is based on the idea of a collective practice, encouraging its participants to take a position in a world where fundamental struggles are drawn by developing a particular artistic movement. 


Monday, June 30th – Sunday, July 6th

Museum of Contemporary Art of Voivodina(MSUV)

Dunavska 37

Novi Sad, Serbia

Vladan Jeremić will present the gazette, part of the FACK MSUV – Performing the Museum as Common

For more details join the group on fb:

FACK MSUV is an operation of temporary “liberation” of the museum (it can be conceived too as a sui generis occupation or re- appropriation) with  the aim of making it open and freely accessible for use for both local and international (art) community without classical institutional filtering and control “from the top down”. The event is launched by the mobile art platform F.A.C.K. from Cesena (Italy) in collaboration with “liberated spaces” MACAO (Milan), Teatro Valle (Rome), SALE.Docks (Venice) and Embros Theatre (Athens) and is realized with the contribution and participation of numerous artists, curators, researchers, activist and citizens from the ex-Yugoslav region and the rest of Europe.


Friday, July 25 and Saturday, July 26 


Enclave 5, 50 Resolution Way

London, U.K.

The gazette will be presented in a site-specific display at Divus London by Corina Apostol, opening July 25th. On July 26th there will be a participatory workshop. More information here:

DIVUS London is a new gallery and artspace based in South London hosting exhibitions and events from national and international artists. DIVUS London is also the London office of international magazine Umelec, and the space boasts an archive of art magazines, video and audio art published by DIVUS.

RSVP on fb here:



The ArtLeaks Gazette No. 2 includes texts by: Corina L. Apostol, Larissa Babij, Daniel Blochwitz, Joanna Figiel, Noah Fischer with Artur Żmijewski, Vladan Jeremić and Rena Rädle, Sean Lowry and Nancy de Freitas, Andrea Pagnes, Heath Schultz, Andrey Shental

Visual works reproduced in the gazette are by: Assembly for Culture Ukraine, Roisin Beirne withClare Breen, Andreas Kindler Von Knobloch, David Lunney, John Ryan and Tom Watt, Daniel Blochwitz, Department of Biological Flow, Noah Fischer with Pawel Althamer andArtur Žmijewski, G.U.L.F. (Global Ultra Luxury Faction), Ellie Harrison, Vladan Jeremićand Rena Rädle, Deana Jovanović, Mark Shorter, Occupy Museums (OM), OFSW (Citizen Forum for Contemporary Arts), Self Organized Seminar (SOS), Iulia Toma, Winter Holiday Camp

Graphic interventions for this issue: Federico Geller

ArtLeaks Gazette editors: Corina L. Apostol, Vladan Jeremić and Raluca Voinea

Editing assistance: Jasmina Tumbas


The ArtLeaks Gazette is an activist publication produced by core members of ArtLeaks, an organization founded in 2011 as an international platform for cultural workers where instances of abuse, corruption and exploitation are exposed and submitted to public inquiry.  Through our gazette, we stress the urgent need to seriously transform these workers’ relationships with the institutions, networks and economies involved in the production,reproduction and consumption of art and culture. We pursue these goals through developing a new approach to the tradition of institutional critique and through fostering new forms of artistic production that might challenge the dominant discourses of criticality and social engagement that tame and contain creative forces. 


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