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August 17, 2016

In this open letter to the director of BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, the Cc group raises questions surrounding an undisclosed box of official papers in the BALTIC archive. This box of papers documents a series of activities that led to the Arts Council of England’s decision to remove the High Bridge property and all revenue funding from the Waygood Gallery and Studios, choosing instead to transfer these assets over to BALTIC. From the type of documents in the box it could be argued that the unconventional transfer of control of these buildings and revenue assets from one arts organisation to another, reveals a culture of vested interests and unaccountability, compounded by a lack of transparency that appears to govern so much of the publicly funded arts. Cc are presenting the case in this open letter, that the public interest is best served if these documents, in this particular box, are made accessible to the public by BALTIC via their B+ archive.

Cc group

Cc open letter 1-page-001

Cc open letter 1-page-002.jpg

Cc open letter 1-page-003

Cc open letter 1-page-004.jpg

Cc open letter 1-page-005.jpg

Cc open letter 1-page-006

Cc open letter 1-page-007

Cc open letter 1-page-008

Cc open letter 1-page-009

Cc open letter 1-page-010


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