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ArtLeaks Gazette No.4 : Demanding Justice: Social Rights and Radical Art Practices, now online!

October 1, 2017


We are very happy to announce the release of our latest issue of the ArtLeaks Gazette, entitled: Demanding Justice: Social Rights and Radical Art Practices

In addition to analyzing concrete practices and campaigns, this issue engages with relevant topics related to social rights, jurisdictions, legislatures and competences, in order to develop a critique of the neoliberal formats that have been for decades perpetuating across the globe. We decided to bring together those contributions which are able to question neoliberal realities, virulent nationalisms, and austerity regimes, considering not only overall conditions in the artworld but also local specificities.

The gazette is freely available to read here:

As a learning tool, this gazette is meant to contribute to the critical debates around censorship, exploitation and abuse highlighted on our online archive since 2011. We hope many of you will use it in your own self-organized schools, seminars, workshops, protest meetings, and join our community to push these issues even further.

Limited printed copies will be available soon. We are calling on those of you who regularly print as a part of your work to help us get the ALG by committing to small print runs of 50-100 copies. We will make several PDF formats of the ALG to meet various digital needs, as well as an epub edition. We encourage our readers to be an active part of spreading the ALG by hosting it on their site and forwarding it on to their networks.

The gazette includes texts by: Mike Watson, Joshua Schwebel & Catarina Pires, Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić, Tihomir Topuzovski,  Haim Sokol, Corina L. Apostol, and Dark Matter Games (Gregory Sholette, Kuba Szreder, Noah Fischer & Marco Baravalle).

Campaigns by the Art Handlers Alliance of New York and #J20 Art Strike

Visual works reproduced in the gazette are by: Anastasia Vepreva & Roman Osminkin, Haim Sokol, Gil Mualem Doron and Claudiu Cobilanschi

Editors: Corina L. Apostol, Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić

Cover page by the editors, image credit: Haim Sokol 

More discussions and workshops will be announced in the near future. If you would like to host one please send us an email.

ArtLeaks contact information: //


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