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Last chance to see BLIND SPOT at LE CAP – Centre d’arts plastiques de Saint-Fons

July 21, 2018


Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Forensic Architecture


9 June – 21 July 2018
Free entry from Tuesday to Saturday,  2-6 PM 


BLIND SPOT is a group exhibition bringing together three artists and collective groups that are engaged in issues of social justice, and whose activities have a real impact in resolving conflict; using advanced technological tools, developing inquiry and investigation methods that can refer to architecture or the exact sciences, they aspire to a future of fair redistributed social balances.

The BLIND SPOT exhibition is marked by documentary research, modelling sensitivities, and poetic positions in the field of social discourse, and by artists’ civic engagement within civil society in which aesthetics and politics are intimately linked.

The projects shown in the exhibition bear witness to today’s artists and artistic practices ability in enhancing aesthetic research in fields that go far beyond the field of exhibitions and contemporary art.

Moreover, the three artists and collectives presented in BLIND SPOT share a common goal in working for causes, or contributing to investigations (judicial, humanitarian…), which comes as no surprise given the importance that the porosity of these fields of expertise have played in recent art history.

By extension, these artists highlight the importance of aesthetic research as a field of expertise and representation to reveal blind spots that institutions, states or constituted groups seek to keep hidden. Form becomes a field of study and tension. By revealing leaks (ArtLeaks), by formalizing inaudible sounds (Lawrence Abu Hamdan), by modelling conflict zones (Forensic Architecture), these artists demonstrate that not only aesthetics and associated methodology can produce results from a careful examination of sensitive matter, but by penetrating the dimensional complexity of forms can allow us to fully comprehend what we would not understand through simple normative approaches, (application of exact sciences, politics, social sciences…) offering new options in addressing crisis situations.

Reading forms is not just a matter of dilettante pleasure, it can involve the challenge of interpretations and struggles at the heart of which, to paraphrase Jacques Rancière*, our sensory faculties and our inclination to the sensitive bear witness to our own political strength.

Nicolas Audureau, Curator of the exhibition

* Jacques Rancière, Le partage du sensible, esthétique et politique, Paris : La fabrique, 2000.


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BLIND SPOT 09 June – 21 July 2018

Access Entrée libre From Tuesday to Saturday 14.00-18.00 and by appointment

rue de la Rochette 69190 Saint-Fons FRANCE

Public transport Tram T4 Lénine – Corsière Bus 60 Yves Farge Bus 93 La Rochette-Clochettes

With the support of the gallery Mor Charpentier, Paris

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