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ArtLeaks Gazette #5: Patriarchy Over & Out. Discourse Made Manifest now online!

April 29, 2019


We are very happy and proud to announce the release of our latest issue of the ArtLeaks Gazette, entitled “Patriarchy Over & Out. Discourse Made Manifest”

ArtLeaks Gazette #5: “Patriarchy Over & Out. Discourse Made Manifest” brings together contributions that analyze concrete practices and campaigns, and which engage theoretically and intersectionally with relevant issues related to queer, trans, feminist, first nations, racial, and economic justice. The diverse contributions in this issue – including poetry, petitions, lyrics, visual art, activism, manifestoes, and critical essays – confront nationalist discourses, colonial violences, orthodox regimes, misogynist cultural and political programs, crises of identity politics, and the remaining legacies of white supremacy, considering not only overall conditions in the artworld but also local specificities. While the contributions are diverse in their political and cultural scope, their common target remains toxic patriarchy in all its nefarious manifestations. The writers, musicians, artists, activists, filmmakers, and poets featured in this issue envision and demand a different reality and future. To summon Planningtorock’s words from All Love’s Legal (2014): “I don’t want to wait, patriarchal life, you’re out of date.”

The gazette is freely available to read here:

We want to thank Planningtorock for granting us permission to use the title of their 2014 song, “Patriarchy Over & Out,” as the main theme of ALG#5, and Paris Henderson, for granting us permission to use one of his artworks on the cover

The online gazette is published under the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike if not marked differently in the specific contributions, and the materials are offered for translation in any languages to any interested party. Limited printed copies are available. ALG#5 editorial encourages anyone who would like to support us to print smaller print runs of ALG#5. ArtLeaks encourages contributors to be an active part of spreading the ALG by hosting it on their site and forwarding it on to their networks.

The gazette includes contributions by: Planningtorock, Judith Goldman, Susanne Sachsee, Ashon Crawley, Kim Bode, Magdalena Zurawski, Nitasha Dhillon, Ana Grujić, Bridget Daria O’ Neill, Mickey Harmon, Joshua Lam, Jasmina Tumbas, Divya Victor, Scene & Heard, Nosotras Proponemos, Erika Balsom & Elena Gorfinkel, Shanté Paradigm Smalls, We are sick of it, Imani Henry, Betty Yu, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Paris Henderson, Boineelo Cassandra Mouse, Amanda Fayant, Van Tran Nguyen, Selma Banich, Nina Gojić, Ena Jurov & Tajana Josimović, Fred Moten & Corina L. Apostol, LaKisha Simmons, Matt Applegate & Andrew Culp, Shannon Woodcock, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Danai Anagnostou, Katja Kobolt & Anna Ehrenstein, Alyssa Schwendener, Tanya Loughead, Mima Simić

Editorial and layout: Corina L. Apostol, Rena&Vladan, with guest editor Jasmina Tumbas

Title page illustration: Paris Henderson

More discussions and workshops will be announced in the near future. If you would like to host one please send us an email at 

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