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Kirill Medvedev in prison (Moscow, Russia)

November 1, 2021

Kirill Medvedev is an international well known muscovite poet, translator, publicist, acrivtist and community organizer, co-founder of Arkadiy Kots combat-folk band, a long term Free Home learner.

Since long Kirill is engaged in the defence of peoples land and territories defence, against extractivism, real estate development and criminal waste dumps.

On October 26th, Kirill and other activists were defending a courtyard adjacent to Sretenka street from oligarch Deripaska’s development of an unlawful construction, a luxury apartment hotel rising right on the site of historic buildings from the 18th century –  despite the protests of the local residents ( The activists were aggressively attacked by the police and kept in the police station for 24 hours awaiting the court hearing. On October 27th, the Meshchansky court in Moscow sentenced Kirill Medvedev along with Anastasia Borisiuk and Fedor Neronov to 10 days of administrative punishment, reinforcing their detention under Article 19.3. ‘resistance to the lawful demands of police officers’.

As the excavation continues, they are imprisoned at spetspriyomnik nr-r. 1 and 2 already for 5 days.

Please, circulate this message to denounce the increasing punitive repression that activists are subjected to in Russia. You can support and share solidarity posting on your preferred channel or social media, using these hashtags to join the campaign organized by the Russian comrades #ThisLandIsYourLand, #Kirill Medvedev,  #ArkadiyKots, #Russiaprotest #ЗаЧтоСидитКирилл

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